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Denture Injection system(AN-0202)

Product description

Product performance feature

1, the denture made by denture injection system, no slitter edge, no polish process, and could be disposable finish the full mouth denture injection

2, the unit is made as the international standard, so the components could be equipped with at the local store, which is convenient for the maintenance.

3,the unit is easy operation, saving time, the high success rate of casting, the normal denture storage box can be injected.

4, the unit is equipped with user manual, heating ring etc. is the first choice of dental equipment in the factory, clinic and laboratory


Technical data

The power voltage: AC 220V 50HZ

Power consumption: 400W

Dimensions : 570mm*400mm*340mm

Weight: 32kg


3, parts included

The machine  1pc

The temperature controller 1pc

Charge-in tube  1pc

Copper gasket  2pc

Denture flask 1pc

Silicon oil 1 

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